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Accident and damage prevention

Duty to report after calamity to official bodies (such as Classification Society and/or ILT) [1]

At all times, the master should inform the Classification Society and ILT before making subsequent voyages after the occurrence of an incident (grounding), when the incident involved the hull or the machinery and electrical installation.


Voyage planning & preparation [1]

Even if the vessel makes the same round trips in the same area, this does not relieve the master of the obligation to carefully check the voyage plan and waypoints, taking into account changes in the positions of the buoys in the navigation area and adjusting this information in the voyage plan where necessary. This is to avoid excessively routine navigation.

Use of electronic and other navigation aids [1]

A chart for use as a means of navigation is only valid as a means of navigation if it has been issued by or on behalf of an authority, hydrographic service or other relevant official body. Any means of displaying maps may be in support of navigation, but shall never serve as a primary means of navigation (as referred to in Solas Ch V, reg 19-2.1.4).