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Multi Purpose General Cargo vessel < 3000 gt [1]

It is recommended to explicitly mention in the safety protocols and draw attention to in the safety meetings that working on/from hatches not secured on all sides poses safety risks, and a height of more than 2.5 metres falls under the concept of 'working at heights', which is subject to safety regulations. From a safety point of view, loading supervision is (therefore) best done from the hatch crane. If that is impractical and the space on the (stacked) hatches is used for that reason, a fall protection device is required.

Container ship - continental (feeder) [2]

The chief mate should not have to keep watch on deck in port but should concentrate fully on the loading. Shipowners must facilitate this.
It is recommended that officers on deck share information with each other, in this case about the specific requirements of the CSM regarding the manner of stowage and lashing.