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Multi Purpose General Cargo vessel > 3000 gt [1]

Because of his or her knowledge of the situation at the location, the pilot advises the captain on how to navigate. In many ports it is customary for the pilot to give the commands. However, the captain remains ultimately responsible and should fulfil this responsibility by keeping a clear overview of manoeuvring so that he can intervene immediately if necessary.

Tanker [1]

The pilot ladder should be made ready and checked by a competent officer well before the pilot disembarks. This preparation is even more important when using manropes.

“2.2. The rigging of the pilot transfer arrangements and the embarkation of a pilot shall be supervised by a responsible officer having means of communication with the navigation bridge and who shall also arrange for the escort of the pilot by a safe route to and from the navigation bridge. Personnel engaged in rigging and operating any mechanical equipment shall be instructed in the safe procedures to be adopted and the equipment shall be tested prior to use." - SOLAS CH V, Reg 23