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Multi Purpose General Cargo vessel > 3000 gt [2]

If an officer on watch absolutely must go to the toilet, he must ensure in advance that it is safe to do so and that an adequate watch is maintained during his absence.
If an officer of the watch is unable to carry out his duties (temporarily) due to illness, he must immediately arrange for a replacement.

Tanker [2]

Ship's officers must be made aware of their duty to keep a better lookout and to be aware of what is happening around them - even from a distance - so that it is noticeable if a vessel (such as the Trueborn without lighting) is behaving suspiciously.
A BRM team has a verifying task and should identify and correct individual errors made by team members. All members of the BRM Team must therefore be aware of their responsibilities and job descriptions within the team. This means that if one or more members of the BRM team leave the bridge for a short or long period of time, the master (or another team member) will ensure that their tasks are fulfilled or taken over.