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The Maritime Disciplinary Court of the Netherlands:

Prior to a hearing

  • The room will be set up with a distance of 1.5 metres between the seats. For a large panel, two members sit at the tables at the sides and plexiglass plates are placed on the tables between the defence counsel and the secretary and between the person concerned and the inspector. Attendees are requested to wear a mouth mask. These may be removed after sitting down.
  • The notices to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) and the person concerned ask them to indicate well in advance who will be attending the hearing in addition to themselves. This in view of the maximum of 15 people that can be present in the courtroom during the corona crisis. This protocol is sent with the summons.
  • When the hearing is published on the website, it is pointed out that there are a limited number of seats available in the courtroom and that those wishing to attend the hearing must contact the secretariat in advance. This protocol will be placed on the website.
  • Depending on the size of the panel (5 or 3) and taking into account the secretary, the inspector, one person concerned and one defence counsel, the maximum number of visitors is 6 and 8 respectively; the secretariat keeps a record of this (names and telephone numbers).


Day of the hearing

  • The ILT/the person concerned & defence counsel/visitors are received by an employee of the Disciplinary College and are escorted to the waiting room.
  • All attendees will be asked if they have any symptoms resembling those of corona. If so, or in case of doubt, they will not be admitted.
  • Disinfecting hand gel is provided at the entrance to the waiting room and courtroom.
  • The door to the waiting room is used as the entrance, the door at the back right of the room as the exit.
  • After the hearing, visitors should leave the building immediately and not continue discussions. This will be supervised by an employee of the Disciplinary Court.
  • Plenty of coffee/tea and clean crockery is available in the waiting room.